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Publisher: Wytwórnia | 2009

words Uri Orlev

design Marta Ignerska

38,5 x 28,5 cm

Graphic Awards:

IBBY Distinstion

Jury (IBBY):

Written in Jerusalem a quarter of a century ago, Granny Does Some Knitting is the story of an energetic old woman equipped with a pair of magical knitting needles and a ball of yarn, with the help of which she can conjure up all manner of essential items. She comes from nowhere. Tired of her futile search for shelter, she takes out her enchanted knitting needles. Thanks

to their magical powers, a cosy home springs up on an empty potato patch, with a bed, a table laid for a meal and a chipped teapot. Soon a couple of grandchildren, also knitted on the needles, are playing happily in the house. Until one fine day, Granny decides to take the children to school, where their odd woollen characteristics prompt anger and consternation. No one wants the knitted children, and they are treated like outsiders.
The young graphic artist Marta Ignerska has superbly interpreted the character of this very special, ambiguous tale. She has illustrated it with stark, grotesque pictures. These audacious drawings immediately won the author’s enthusiastic approval. It is a fine testimony to the Polish publishing market that there are publishers and readers ready for challenging books that go against the grain of run-of-the-mill or kitsch tastes. An extremely creative and uncompromising artist, Marta Ignerska is a very promising herald of what’s new in Polish graphics.