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The concept of learning to read and write has a nature of implementation, which is of particular importance for pedagogy. It allows using the latest achievements of psychology, cognitive science, and pedagogy to construct a model of learning to read, write, and speak, which breaks the current tradition of the methodical approach. The authors' concept is in line with the current world trends, especially in the field of constructivist didactics (in the cognitive sphere) and humanistic didactics (in the axiological sphere). Not only do they combine voice or syllable-centered approaches used by other authors in the initial phase of learning to read and write, but they go beyond linguistic thinking about this skill, providing an example of deeply holistic education. By seeking links between word, body, image, and thought, the authors use their key reservoir of categories and concepts to build a consistent and coherent project to develop children's thinking as well as reading and writing skills by working with text and image. The sounds present in the reading texts fit into children's everyday experience and their extraordinary imagination, whereas the sounds corresponding to the letters are not detached from life but are part of the plotline and carry the potential for adventure stories. The visual material, full of unusual artistic and pictorial associations, rich, original, encourages children's creativity, engages emotions and fantasy, stimulates thinking. Learning to read provides children with a full entrance into culture and experience, and not just decoding sequences of graphs and their literal meanings. In this way, it loses its formal character and is no longer reduced to a semi-mnemonic practice of oversimplified, shallow content. A child's reading becomes a kind of self and artistic expression. Only when children feel that reading, writing, and speaking bring significant values to their life, when we stimulate their abstract thinking, release their cognitive.

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego | 2020

words Monika Wiśniewska-Kin

design and drawings Marta Ignerska

305 mm x 420 mm



World Invention Intellectual Property Associations WIIPA Prize 2020

Graphic Award:

IBBY 2020 The “Book of The Year Prize” – distinction